Desert safari Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari jeep tours are suitable for everyone. The excitement of driving through the desert in an open-air, soft-suspension vehicle is sure to leave you happy! Every rider has the controls of their own giving them complete control over the speed of their vehicle and how they move. There are two routes. One that lasts approximately 45 minutes, or one which lasts for around 90 minutes. This will include sightseeing stops at various viewpoints on the way, with interesting stories about each location added in! The best part is when the route intersects with the dune-bashing route which allows you to race head-on with other riders , or even join forces when there are enough participants taking part. Another alternative is the BBQ dinner that will allow you to eat under the stars while your jeep travels through the dunes, stopping at various vantage points on the way. The trip takes about 90 minutes, however those who want to stay longer in the desert must opt for an overnight tour in which they stay at the confines of a Bedouin camping area or Berber village, both of which offer great price-for-value! Desert safari Dubai price

Desert Safari Dubai gives everyone the chance to experience this stunning region in its own way through Land Rover and Camel. Explore two completely different methods of experiencing one of the world's most beautiful deserts, first from the top of the back of a camel, and later from behind the steering wheel of an off-roader. both offer unique perspectives into the wonder and beauty in the desert.