The battle system of RS gold  is the very best aspect of RuneScape for me, particularly endgame bossing (that I needed to skill to achieve ). That I love being challenged to find the DPS spinning and combination of teams and perks to work with, although I'm not the best PVMer. I personally love vorago, a boss that takes 3 people working to beat. A boss who could challenge you just about endlessly with benefits rising with the problem, Additionally telos. The pvm in OSRS pushes me away because it feels like there is no interaction, the most I will do is run around and pray movie and hope I've got the very best gear possible. In RS3, you'll have armor and a weapon and you can out-perform somebody in armor along with a weapon that is t90 if you're good at it. I enjoy that I can do something based on my abilities and experience, and get rewarded for this.

I don't really care. I played RS2 within my teenagers (mid-30s now) primarily because I was interested at the botting aspect. I only got into playing RuneScape after RS3 came out. As it was closer to what I'd played when I was younger, playing OSRS tried first, but I was turned away by how long it took to walk to areas. It felt like I spent more time walking than I did really doing anything, and I am an adult with a lot happening, so that it felt like I was wasting a lot of my free time never actually getting to play RuneScape.

Only although I play with a OSRS prefer the battle of RS3 more. To me it is engaging and there's some skill involved. A whole lot of OSRS players determine how simple it say all of combat is the fact that and is to afk something. Well gwd1 is old outdated content so of course it is easy today because it is not the best lvl pvm like it somewhat is at OSRS. The other main difficulty is eoc was absolute shit when it first came out and people think it's still the same and shit discuss it without ever actually logging into see it's quite different from when it was launched. Both matches have advantages but for me the battle in OSRS is boring afk for all.

You are not the first to mention that EoC is different than when it was initially released. It certainly makes me want to log in and give it a try again, see if it appeals to me more than it did those years ago.The battle in OSRS is boring and afk should you examine something like: slayer. Sure slayer makes you amazing money but the skill is mostly just sit in a spot and kill x amount of x ray monster. I concur with this. But when you take a look like GWD, raids 1 or 2, the nightmare, the bosses around the map at pvm content, combat gets enjoyable. You have to learn unique mechanics you need to learn to effectively hardcore many pvm to prayer flick. My question : Is all battle in OSRS found to be afk and boring to you due to the nature of EoC, as in, has EoC affected your view of combat, or did you feel this way before EoC as well?

I don't play OSRS because I have grown to like EoC, as well as playing the unbroken RuneScape. I feel like I'm playing with the game I started back in 2006. I recall when the choice came up and I needed to select development or school of combat. Long term, I'm glad where RuneScape went. Most bothersome things such as other have mentioned are mtx, but the bossing and quests are so much pleasure that I would state the pros outweigh the cons. The one reason id never play OSRS is because many of the players literally wish to be"stuck in the past". I enjoy the idea of buy RS3 gold a living and evolving game, also runescape.