Maintenance and care of open rotary screen printers. Before use, the main parts of the automatic opening rotary screen printing machine should be checked and lubricated. When checking the disassembly and assembly of the automatic Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine, it is strictly prohibited to use inappropriate tools and unscientific operation methods; the machine should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected every two weeks; if the automatic open rotary screen is not used for a long time Printing machine.

Must wipe all shiny surfaces, and apply anti-rust oil, and cover the entire machine with a plastic cover. If the auto-opening rotary screen printing machine is deactivated for more than three months, the anti-rust oil should be covered with moisture-proof paper; after the work is completed, please clean the equipment carefully, wipe the exposed friction surface and add lubricant.

For the daily maintenance and maintenance of the open rotary screen printing machine, please perform the following five points. First of all, electrical components should be cleaned and inspected regularly to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner. Second, the use of open rotary screen printing machines is accomplished by open rotary screen printing machines and cross-cutting machines. Therefore, high-quality slitters and cross-cutters are used. Third, the daily maintenance of the open rotary screen printing machine should be in place. The standard is to ensure that it is smooth, clean, and clean (no dust, no debris) to ensure that the sliding parts of the device are in good condition.

Fourth, this is maintenance work. Periodic and irregular inspections of rotating parts (especially real-time monitoring of consumable parts) should be stopped. Make regular adjustments, regular changes, carefully record the commutator, and achieve the purpose of extending the service life of the equipment. Fifth, improve the technical quality and level of slitting machine operators. The control of local operations must be carried out by a dedicated person, and no one can operate without permission.

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