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  • 09/04/1995
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  • Bay11 Kush Strain Vs Forbidden Fruit Strain
    Well here we are going to spark our knowledge towards forbidden fruit strain vs Bay11 Kush strain. Furthermore their price comparison with black diamond kush weed price. Overview-: Forbidden Fruit is an indica-dominant strain with a calming and euphoric high that will intoxicate your senses. It has a delicious and mysterious flavour that includes elements of deep, earthy nuttiness and...
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  • Bay11 Strain Vs Black Diamond Kush
    The bay11 strain has a wide range of THC levels. It#39;s a High Times Cannabis Cup winner that energises and uplifts consumers#39; spirits. Bay 11 weed may also help with concentration and is a good alternative for daytime use. On the other hand when we talk about black diamond kush it is extremely strong, both in terms of flavour and effects. It has a strong blackberry flavour with hints of...
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