Euro 2020: Football fans warned not to overwhelm A&E amid final

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Euro 2020: Football fans warned not to overwhelm A&E amid final



A health boss has warned football fans not to "overwhelm" A&E services in slotxo the wake of the Euro 2020 final, amid increased pressure from Covid-19.

Julie Gillon, North Tees and Hartlepool chief executive, said other sites across the North East were "very worried" by rising infection rates.

She urged people to wash their hands, drink alcohol "in moderation" and remain distanced "as best they can".

The number of Covid cases in the North East remains the highest in England.

According to recent government data, there are around 200 Covid patients in the region's hospitals and 18 deaths were reported in the last week.

The hospital has been under "significant pressure" due to the numbers of staff being "pinged" by the test and trace app, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

There have been "significant absences" in Newcastle hospitals, caused by a rise in staff self-isolating because of coronavirus.

Ms Gillon said her hospital trust had seen Covid-19 admissions drop from a "high of activity" in January, when it had 216 cases, to 11 cases, which she described as "still worrying".

"We are still seeing numbers come through the organisation, lengths of stay are not as long as they were earlier this year, but we definitely need to control this.

"There's a range of ages in the main. At the beginning of last week we were experiencing quite young people but now the ranges are from in their 20s to over 60s.

"Some people have been doubly vaccinated, we have yet to understand whether they have underlying conditions but we are very vigilant on this and we are working with Public Health England to ensure we have a full understanding of how we manage this surge."

Nurse Emma Francis said a lot of people were arriving at the department with minor injuries. and there had been a "number of injuries" related to the football over the last few days.