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  • Benefits of Aluminum Investment Castings
    Aluminum is considered one of the best materials for investment castings. It is frequently used in die casting, sand casting and permanent mould casting. This substance is known for having a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it an ideal metal for many casting applications. The benefits of aluminum investment castings include the followingheat treatmentThorough degassing and...
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  • Stainless steel grade
    In the series, you will find a variety of stainless steel grades that help describe the specific properties of the alloy, such as toughness, magnetic properties, corrosion resistance and alloy composition.Older grades typically have three-digit identifiers established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).However, you may also see grades in North America identified using a six-character...
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  • Cast Steel Specifications
    One only needs some superficial knowledge of some existing cast steel specifications and metallurgy in general to understand that stating what one needs is not a simple matter. All requirements must be clearly stated and not taken for granted. This is best achieved through the use of standards and specifications. definitionIn the specification process of steel castings, three key words need to...
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  • Investment Casting and Die Casting
    Casting is the method of pouring molten metal into a mold to obtain the desired size. Investment casting and die casting are the two main types of casting. According to the advantages and disadvantages of each process, different types of products are produced. So how does investment casting compare to die casting? Investment casting is also known as investment casting or lost wax casting. The...
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  • How to choose stainless steel casting
    Stainless steel has the advantages of high corrosion resistance, hygiene and strength, and is a commonly used material in investment casting or lost wax casting processes to manufacture precision stainless steel components for various applications, such as food machinery, marine hardware, architectural hardware, medical components Wait While there are many stainless steel casting grades to...
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