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  • Smart Treatment of Soda Machine
    The soda machine is professional equipment for producing carbonated beverages (soda) products. It filters tap water into treated water, and then pressurizes 140-170PSI through a carbonization pump, and then generates atomization in the carbonization cylinder through a nozzle and mixes it with carbon dioxide gas. , producing carbonated water. And further cold and heat exchange with the ice water...
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  • Principle of Stainless Steel Soda Maker
    Stainless Steel Soda makers are designed with the latest technology for mixing carbonated beverages and other carbonated beverages. The parts in contact with the liquid are made of low-carbon high-quality stainless steel, which can meet different international food hygiene requirements. PLC technology is used to control the pressure and liquid level in the tank, and it will alarm immediately in...
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