7 Best Apps to Download for Your Apple Pencil
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Apple Pencil enhances your iPhone and iPad as it can be used to write,
7 Best Apps to Download for Your Apple Pencil #Apple #Pencil https://alicejohnn.wordpress.com/2020/07/03/7-best-apps-to-download-for-your-apple-pencil/ Apple Pencil enhances your iPhone and iPad as it can be used to write,

Apple Pencil enhances your iPhone and iPad as it can be used to write, draw, and mark on anything you want using the built-in apps or by downloading the apps from the App Store. Your Apple Pencil can be used as a stylus, and it can recognize your handwriting as well. It can be used for solving a lot of tasks, but you will require apps that support your smart and intuitive Apple Pencil. Following are some of the apps that you can consider downloading on your device:

Apple Notes

Apple Notes is an in-built app available on all the iPhones and iPads. This app supports Apple pencil that allows you to create new notes in your handwriting, or you can simply scribble and draw or doodle on the notes sections. To connect your Apple Pencil to this app, click on the pencil icon on the toolbar and switch to pen or any other tip, and pick any color of your choice to start writing. Tapping on the Lasso tool icon will help you create a section where you can draw beside your typed notes. Another fantastic feature that you can unlock with the Apple Pencil is by tapping on the lock screen with it and the Notes app will automatically open up.


To create more creative and color-coordinated notes, use this app. You can choose to write with Apple Pencil or type directly with the keyboard, or switch between them from time to time. You can also record audio in the background along with your notes; use this feature to record your lectures. This multipurpose note-taking app has features that allow you to switch the backgrounds and change it into a graph paper, and export your notes into PDF or printable files. Install the app for free, but the in-app purchases can cost up to $9.

Adobe Photoshop

This world-leading platform allows you to compose and retouch tools that are meant for Apple Pencil. You can take a closer look at your work using the swipe, tap, scribble, slide, and pinch precision controls. Adobe provides layer stacking and toolbar tools, just the way it is available on a desktop. You can also use Photoshop features, blend modes, and other editing tools easily. Synchronize the PSD files across your Apple devices so that all your documents are always saved to the cloud as you work. It also allows you to make changes with the Lasso tool and Subject tools. It is mainly compatible with iPad OS.


If you are an artist or a graphic designer, this is the app for you. It is specially created for artists as it provides Ultra HD Canvas up to 16K to 4K and a fantastic intuitive interface on iPad. This app is packed with hundreds of beautifully crafted brushes meant for painting, sketching, and drawing, which can be customized according to your preferences. It is powered by Valkyrie, the fastest 64-bit painting engine that is designed specifically for iPad. You can insert shapes, layers, colors, and multiple designs using this app. Get access over conditions layer blend modes for industrial-grade compositing. Add animations, Perspective, Symmetrical Visual Guides, and more to your art. You can also find dramatic finishing effects, time-lapse replay, and multiple exporting and importing features.

Sketch Club

This is another versatile app meant for drawing, typography, painting, photo correction, manipulation, and more, that costs $3 only. You can configure and customize the color themes and shortcut bar to suit your needs. This app provides up to 16K Canvas size with presets, including 300 DPI print size. Choose from the horizontal, vertical, and dual-mirroring mode to give a creative angle to your creation. Layer Filter and Layer Transform tools allow you to adjust perspectives and add edges, noise, and more. It supports both iPhones and iPads. You can export files in full 1080 HD format.


It is another note-making tool that can be used on a professional level. Creating handwritten notes and diagrams becomes an easy task on this app. It allows a seamless switch between the pen and keyboard and makes your note-taking task faster than ever. Add highlights to text and titles using intuitive gestures to structure your notes. Convert your handwriting using the recognition engine and complete your documents efficiently by pasting the text copied from different apps. You can also publish your note using the Nebo app, and it also allows you to instantly convert your handwritten notes into PDF, Text, Word, or HTML file format.

Affinity designer

It brings the features of a graphic designing desktop app directly to your iPad that requires full iCloud drive integration for seamless file management, storage, and sharing. Along with real-time performance, it provides precise vector tools, typography, workflow, and professional output. Use split-screen mode, wide frame view, live pixel, and retina view of vector artwork to enhance your creation. You will get incredibly accurate results with minimal nodes. This app includes the best pen and node tools, along with curve editing and smart shape tools. Smooth gradient and Transparency Control, along with blending modes, image adjustments, and live effects make your work look more eye-catching.

The Apple Pencil is a great tool that you can invest in and use it to achieve versatile features and accomplish multiple tasks. Many apps support the Apple Pencil, but most of them work on the iPad only.

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