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  • Water Cooling Flow Meter
     The water cooling flow meter is suitable for a PC water cooling system. The water-cooling flowmeter is a portable device that can be used indoors and outdoors. The cooling water flow meter measures the cooling water flow rate. Cooling water flow meters are commonly used in cooling towers, pipes, tanks, and pumps. For more information, visit our website.
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  • Measuring devices for liquid
    A flow meter is a tool used to measure a liquid or gas's linear, nonlinear, mass, or volumetric flow rate. Flow meters are referred to by many names, such as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, flow rate sensor, etc., depending on the particular industry. However, they all measure flow. The measuring devices for liquid are mass flow meter, ultrasonic flowmeter, magnetic flow meter, vortex...
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  • Flow rate sensor
    The flow rate sensor computes the velocity of water in studying the discharge, flow patterns, and sediment transport of a stream or river. It can be used for environmental or Earth science studies, and it is also separated into four easy transport and convenient storage sections.
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