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  • Emergency Tree Removal
    An emergency tree removal service is required to remove the risk and ensure a safe environment if a tree poses an immediate obstruction or danger. Roots Shoots are skilled in all aspects of tree maintenance and efficient 24 7 services at reasonable pricing. Get in touch with us. If a tree poses an immediate obstruction or danger, emergency tree services are required to remove the risk and...
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  • Crane Assisted Tree Removal
    Crane assisted tree removal can often be quicker, safer, and more efficient when removing large trees, it is the best way forward. Crane work is required for very large trees that aren’t safe to climb using traditional rigging techniques. It’s a specialised task that requires arborists and skilled crane operators to remove large sections of the tree safely with a crane. Our...
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  • Crown Reduction Services
    Roots and Shoots provide crown reduction services in Manchester. Tree crown reduction is a pruning method that reduces the crown s height and spreads effectively, reducing stress on branches. Crown reduction is a pruning method that reduces the height and/or spread of the crown. It’s an effective method of reducing stress on branches and making a tree better suited to it...
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  • Crown Lifting Services Manchester
    We provide crown lifting services in Manchester, which is an effective method for increasing light around the lower branches. Crown lifting is a pruning technique that removes the lowest branches and increases light transmission under the crown. The process widens the clearance space between the ground level and lower branches, both making the tree more accessible and improving light and...
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  • Tree Surgeons Manchester, Wilmslow & Altrincham
    Our team of tree surgeons in Manchester are skilled, industry qualified professionals. Our free consultation service means we can evaluate your requirements whether it is a tree removal or crown reduction our tree surgeons can help. Roots and Shoots tree surgeons consider everything from the risks and legal regulations, to the overall health and aesthetic of the tree. Whether it is tree removal...
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