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  • Benefits Of Straight Cut Gears
      Straight-cut gears are an interesting alternative to traditional gearbox setups, usually only used in racing applications. Known for its distinctive squeal and inherent lack of usability, this is a transmission setup that most of us will never get our hands on.   The main advantage of using straight-cut gears is that they do not generate axial loads. This "thrust" is produced by sliding...
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  • How To Maintain Spur Gears
      Spur gears enable the vehicle to carry heavy loads. Additionally, spur gears allow equipment and machines to achieve superior productivity results in most manufacturing or logistics operations. However, these components wear out over time.   Check for debris   The number one enemy of any transmission system is debris and dust. These problematic particles can agglomerate and move spur...
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  • The Benefits Of Gear Transmission
      Gear transmission refers to a device that transmits motion and power by gear pairs. It is the most widely used mechanical transmission method in various modern equipment. It has relatively accurate transmission, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation, and long service life.   Gear transmission is realized by turning the driven gear in turn through the driving gear, and one of...
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  • What Are Automobile Tooth Gears
      There are many steel grades for medium and heavy-duty truck gear in my country, mainly to meet the requirements of introducing advanced foreign automobile technology at that time. In the 1950s, my country introduced the production technology of Soviet medium-sized trucks (that is, the original model of the "Jiefang" brand) from the former Soviet Union's Rikhachev Automobile Factory, and also...
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  • What Is Gear Transmission
      The heart of gear transmission is the gears in it. Gears run in pairs, meshing with each other to transmit power, such as the Automobile Tooth Gear. Learn about the different types of gears and the applications and industries that use them.   Gearboxes, also known as gear drives, have three main functions: increase the torque from the driving device (motor) to the driven device, reduce...
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