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  • Douro Continent _ Infinite Fiction Network _ www.55x.cn
    The level difference is about ten levels, and Tang San is fully confident that he can obstruct the control ability of the other side. The master once said that the best way to deal with the control of the soul division is to control the control. If the strong attack department soul division is the core of a team, the auxiliary department soul division is the foundation of a team, and the...
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  • Water Orchid in Wood Leaves
    "No, Sakura," Kakashi said, correcting Sakura's mistake. "There are no ninjas in the land of waves. Although different countries have different cultures and customs, almost all countries have ninja villages. For many countries on the mainland, the ninja village can be regarded as a military force of a country. That is to say, in order to maintain a balanced relationship with other countries....
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  • Return of the God King of the League of Legends
    "Are you still angry?"? Didn't you see that the onlookers were about to kill people! If I don't cover your mouth, I'm afraid someone else's fist will cover your mouth! Hearing the words of Fengwu, Yan Xiao rolled his eyes angrily, stretched out his hand to Fengwu's forehead, and said helplessly. Really do not know how the wind dance and ar can be so boring, two people can not understand the...
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  • Deceased System _ 20200215155747.
    But Chu Tianming also did not think, just who is afraid to die, the heart is also blessed not to have zombies, and now complain that no zombies rushed out, is really self-contradictory guy. Chapter 10 first kill (middle). Sitting on the ground to recover a little bit of strength, mainly Chu Tianming found his hands have been shaking, it is not easy to let them stop, Chu Tianming this hand on...
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  • There is always a bully and a male God.
    Lin Jing then no longer spoke, Mu Qing saw him so determined, but also saw him some uncomfortable, afraid of such a stalemate he was even more uncomfortable, had to follow good advice to sit in the car. It's just that Lin Jing put a scarf on the deputy seat, and the driver said to her, "Secretary Mu, sit in the back, or take care of General Manager Qin." Muqing had to sit down beside Qin Mulin....
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  • God of War of the Three Kingdoms
    Feng Sha stood in front of him and said indifferently, "Speak!" The robot said in a flat tone, "Last night, I bolted the door, connected the wires, and started charging.". When charging, the power is cut off according to the default setting. In the morning, I found that the door was open, there were footprints in the room, and there were traces of women touching my hands, probably substances...
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  • Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ...
    Chop nine days, cut ten layers of ground, Ye Fan like cut open nine days and ten places, opened up a side of the world, chaos filled the air, one after another ancient stars appeared, slowly rotating, sending out peerless invincible power. He pushed one big star after another, like a fairy king coming to the world, sending out the power of grinding the world, and the real body and the Taoist...
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  • Mie Shen Ji _ Heart Dream Without Trace _ txt Novel Paradise
    Qingyu blushed and bowed her head. "I know. I'll go and see him later." Long Tengyun said with a smile, "Well, I have something to do. You can arrange your own time." Then he turned away. Out of Yixin Garden, Long Tengyun happened to meet Zhao Mu, the supervisor, who rushed back. As soon as they met, Zhao Mu asked, "Villa Leader, is Number One back?" Long Tengyun shook his head and said, "No,...
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  • The Counterattack of the Goddess of Rebirth
    Almost overnight, Phoenix Technologies became popular. There was a long line in front of the deserted store yesterday. The virtual helmet in stock in the store was sold out in less than a day. Many customers do not have so much money, so they find a few friends who also like games, buy a virtual helmet in a group, and play together. Stars, public figures and bosses of major companies have also...
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  • Prince's wife Chongxi Daily
    Shan Qi was unusually silent all the way, and even when the four princes looked for her to talk, she was absent-minded and out of her mind. The four princes gathered their eyebrows and stared at her for a few breaths, pulling the reins a little farther away. According to past experience, this kind of woman, who is trapped by love and whose brain is not working well for the time being, still has...
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